Saturday, December 29, 2007


Random thoughts for today:
  • I ran 10 miles the other day and focused on hills. Ended up with 2390 feet up and 2444 down. New goal? I want to run a mile up in a run. Isn't that like 3600 feet? Well, let me tell you that even 2400 feet of ascent feels like a LOT of hills! But I still want to do it, and soon.
  • I weigh 4 pounds more than usual after a month of indulgence. But I feel really strong. If I could just defluff, I'm sure there's some muscle there. Strange thing is that I'm not too worried about being up in weight, cuz I know what to do to bring the number back down.
  • My training room got a Christmas present: a 44 pound (20 kg) kettlebell. I've been using it in swing ladders -- hard and fun!
  • Did a plyometric DVD with Tim yesterday and my calves are SORE! We're snowboarding tomorrow, and sore or not, they're in for a workout.
  • Gymnastics season starts next weekend with a meet in Bakersfield. Then it's Rancho Cordova, Palo Alto (Tracy -- wanna meet up at Stanford???), San Mateo, San Francisco, and Oakland. I'd better get my clean eating back in place, cuz it's easy with lots of travel and hours of sitting on bleachers to mindlessly munch!
  • Plan for today is a kettlebell workout in the training room, out with Tim to look at massage chairs, then out with family to see Bodies!!!
Have a great day everyone!


Brit-Man said...

Knowing the sort of daredevil, pretty adventurous, age defying person you are, if it was physically possible to Snowboard up a hill, you probably would do it, for a whole mile, up a horrible 1 in 3 gradient :-p :-p.

Take care :-).


Shelly said...

Actually, a mile is 5280 feet. No problem, right?

LizN said...

I can feel myself being enabled by all of these Kettlebell bloggers ;)


PS - that 4 pounds will be history before you know it ;)

Colette said...

Wow I love how you're NOT letting yourself get down about gaining a small 4 lbs. Yes, you do know what to do to get it off, and I'm sure you have gained muscle because of the eating. Sounds like you are keeping very active! What a nice gift for your gym ;)

Enjoy that crazyness of gymnastics ;)