Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interesting interchange

We hit Bubba's for lunch yesterday. Well, Tim and the kids hit Bubba's, but I picked up takeout from Lotus Root Cafe, which is just a few blocks down the street. When I got back, I brought my spring rolls and green juice into the anti-veg establishment (they say something about lettuce and tomato being just WRONG on real burgers on the menu!) and sat down with my family as they waited for their burgers and chili.

A woman looked at me, and said in a very loud voice, "What's that?" and pointed at my spring roll. I told her it was a spring roll. She asked if I got it here, and I said, "No, I got it at a cafe down the street." Then she said (screamed) "Is that ALL you're eating for lunch?" I pointed at my green juice and said "I'm having this too." She said, "Well, your family is having a lot. I was in line behind them and I saw their total!" Tim explained that he'd bought a hat, and that made it all cost more. (Not that this is any of her business really!)

What was interesting about this exchange was that the woman chatting with us was young and big and seemed highly uncomfortable that someone was NOT eating burgers, chili, fries, and onion rings. Then again, I WAS in her territory, and I have a feeling that if Tim and the kids brought Bubba's into Lotus Root, they'd meet with some degree of opposition as well.

My plan? To continue to move forward. Despite what the world may think, I continue to believe that this mixed marriage CAN work! :)


Jennifer said...

You have to make your "mixed marriage" work so that I can know mine (at least from a fitness standpoint) will too. :) Just think of that big lady's comment as an affirmation of your choices. Obviously hers aren't working too well for her from a health standpoint. And kudos to you for taking the path less traveled.

Brit-Man said...

Screw her. What she doesn't know WILL hurt her.

You could have said, you know you're right, I could be eating as much as a Sumo Wrestler, because I probably shouldn't eat a hippie diet, incase I become bald with low Thyroid function.

Excuse me, whilst I purchase a portion of deep fried Animal Organs.

I wonder what she'd have had to say, to something like that?

I think she took the classic stance of, "if I don't understand it, it must be wrong".

Ohh well :-p

Best wishes and take care.

:-) :-).


Irene said...

I'm with Brit-Man... Screw her! LOL.

Good for you, though!