Thursday, June 12, 2008


Don't you love it when you have an idea or an opinion, and then you see something in the media that backs up your way of thinking? Well, in the July/August issue of Running Times, the article titled "Not Just Half a Race -- Getting the most from the Half Marathon" (isn't that a great title?) reads:
It sometimes seems as though the half marathon is the forgotten stepchild of distance running. It's popular, but you're unlikely to hear it hailed as the queen of distances, perhaps because it's not got the glamour of the marathon and there isn't an equivalent race in the Olympics like the 5K and 10K. At best, it's promoted as a way station en route to a marathon.
Then there's some stuff about recent half marathon records (a sub-1:00 half marathon???? Yes! Crazy, huh?). The article continues:
Perhaps all of these will bring more attention to what is actually an elegant racing distance. Long enough that you can't just race it on a whim, the half rewards serious training. But it doesn't beat you up as badly as a marathon, freeing you to run it a lot more frequently.
Amen to all of that!

My running has been going well -- I'm at 21 miles per week, on average, for the year, which took some doing to get to, as I didn't set my running goal until early April. (Note -- I was running and was tracking the miles, but with no clear idea of what I was shooting for. So I had several 30+ mile weeks in order to catch up.)

Ok, no time to wrap this up, as family is ready to head out the door, and I AM wearing makeup today. More thoughts soon...


Colette said...

Now that has to make you feel good ;)

You are just a running, workout, mindfull eating, environmentally friendly machine, my friend ;)

Irene said...

I love the half marathon distance because it is enough of a challenge!

Yes, Amen to that whole article!

I hope everything is going well with you.

Take care. :)