Thursday, January 21, 2010

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  • Balancing parent needs, family needs and marathon training is tough. One day at a time, right?
  • Clothes are looser and scale number is lower these days. Once again, consistent exercise + moderate food intake = moving in the right direction. :)
  • I have an iPhone app called Meditate that times your meditation practice. Used it yesterday. Liked it. Then looked at stats (it tracks them for you). According to the app, in the last 48 days, I have meditated for an average of 28 seconds per day. Laughed out loud when I saw this. Do you think that's enough meditation to see a significant difference in my life?!?!?!
  • Still wanting to buy EVERYTHING Lululemon makes! Saw a woman at an ATM the other day and her butt looked fabulous. What was she wearing? Lulu, of course!
  • Did a Pilates reformer intro class last night (included as part of my 30 days/$30 package at the yoga place). Liked it. Maybe after marathon I could do Pilates consistently. Maybe even as consistently as I meditate?!?! Do you think 28 seconds a day is enough to see visible results?!?!
Make today wonderful!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

haven't yet bought anything from lulu.... maybe i should!! yes, balance, difficult to achieve, but oh so important :)

Brit-Man said...

Good to know things seem pretty good with you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

I'll have to check out LuLu too.

Balance is hard for so many, but if you put what's most important first and work down from that, it does get easier. Go with what your heart feels.

Anonymous said...

Well if that isn't a glowing recommendation ..... dang I'm headed over to look at LuLu now!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to check out LuLu --- now I'll rush right over!!! LOL!!!

Jo Lynn said...

What marathon are you training for?

Anonymous said...

great ...........................................................