Friday, January 08, 2010

Words for 2010

Still working on 3 words to encapsulate my vision of 2010. (Ooooh -- that sounded almost smart, didn't it?!) :) I've got a piece of paper with 3 word clouds on it. Here's what I've got so far:

First group:
goals, target, commitment, driven, idealistic, future, strength

Second group:
honest, real, grounded, present, truth

Third group:
flexible, good-natured, go-with-the-flow, fluid

So the idea of group 1 is that I want to decide what I want to do, and then do it. Last year was spent in reactive mode, to the point where by the end of the year I was just waiting for someone ANYONE to need me. That doesn't work well.

Group 2 has to do with honest food (once again looking to step away from Clif Bars and protein powder as major food groups, and well as doing more cooking) as well as being honest in life. "Tell the truth early" is something that resonates with me, and I want to do more of that.

Group 3 has to do with balancing my commitments and desires (group 1) with the reality that my parents are having big challenges with big needs, and my "job" of wife and mom means I want/need to be available (just not to the degree I've been available in the past).

More as it becomes clearer...


Brit-Man said...

Whatever you decide to do, you will do what is right for you and others, because you always do.


:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

I can really relate to your comment about being in reactive mode last year. That was completely my year - react to this crisis or that crisis. My best laid plans basically went right out the window.

I realize now that I cannot control life, especially health issues. I should have learned that lesson with my mother's illness. But it has taken this round of dealing with my in-laws declining health that I truly realized the frustration of caring for elderly parents.

Even when you are not the one doing their cooking and cleaning, it's so hard just to take the lead on filling out a gazillion forms, hiring home health care workers, scoping out assisted living or nursing homes and making sure they have reliable transportation. I cannot imagine doing it all plus raising two teenagers.

Here's to a more balanced 2010!

Anyway - I'm rambling... sorry!

leslie said...

Jen -- Not rambling at all! You made me feel very understood.

My dad tests to try and get his license back next week on Thursday. I don't know what to wish for. Getting old takes courage when you do it well (e.g. taking care of your health and keeping friends and interests going in your life) and it's a NIGHTMARE when you do it poorly. :(

More balance in 2010 for both of us!

Irene said...

You certainly gave me plenty to think about! My word this year (just one word) is "Organize." Everything in my life needs organizing. :)

Colette said...

It is so hard when life gets in the way and all your plans fall apart. It is even harder to get back into that perfect groove you were once in (that's what i'm trying to do now).

If there is one think I am 100% sure about you my dear friend, is no matter what you set your mind to, you do it...and do it well! You may feel that you fell backwards in 2009, but I saw something else. You rose to a new level with your parents and you handled what life was giving you. You still worked out, even if it may not been as much as you'd have liked, but you didn't stop completely. You are one of the strongest people I know, and I have never thought less of you.

Yes, here's to a balanced 2010!