Friday, January 01, 2010

A brand new start!

(copied from my post on Facebook)

I started 2009 with high hopes and optimism, but let the circumstances of the year take me out at the knees over and over again. This year though the circumstances haven't changed, I RESOLVE TO DO LIFE DIFFERENTLY. Today's plan? Run 7. Write out goals. Write in weblog. Bring it on 2010 -- I'M READY!

Heading out on my first run of 2010. Am I feeling like running? Nope. But commitment requires action REGARDLESS of how you feel. And I'm committed to making this a wonderful year. So I'm off.


cath said...

All the best for 2010!..committment is the thing!..I too am aiming to have a better year...(not tht 2009 was bad)...Am looking forward to hearing how you go..

Shelly said...

Welcome back, Leslie, hoping 2010 is a good one. You're certainly getting off to a great start!