Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Dinner Post Show, plus a Running Update

Dinner last night turned out great, if I do say so myself! Here's the post-dinner analysis:

Guacamole: seriously yummy, although how can you go wrong with ripe avocados, fresh lime juice, and jalapenos?!?!
Chicken w/Mango Salsa: the salsa was out-0f-this-world good. You could put it on cardboard, and the cardboard would be yummy! Tim did a great job on the chicken, and marinating it in 3 kinds of citrus plus jalapeno and garlic didn't hurt it either!
Salad: also seriously yummy, although any time you cut up like 10 things to go into a salad, it's gotta be good. This one had slivers of fresh basil and chopped parsley in it, so you barely needed dressing.
Dessert: good, but maybe not worth the effort. The shortcakes were good and looked beautiful with the chopped fruit and fresh whipped cream, but a fruit cobbler is also yummy and a lot easier.
Brownies (from the night before): Seriously addictive. Since they're made with bittersweet chocolate, they're not overly sweet, and Tim tells me they're wonderful with ice cream (not being an ice cream girl, I didn't try 'em that way). (They don't have many calories when you're only eating slivers to "neaten" the pan, right?)

Running Update

I did a big, brave thing and ran with my REAL MARATHON RUNNER friend Jenny yesterday. We did 5 hilly miles, and she let me set the pace (thanks Jenny!) since I'm only a week back into exercise after a month off. I'd say we ran 90% of the time and it was way fun. And we're running again on Friday!

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