Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I love blackberries

The only food in the world that inhabits the intersection of the Venn diagram (remember the math circles where a little part overlap?) of "Foods I love" AND "Healthy foods" is blackberries, darn it.

Well, fresh peaches are wonderful. So is really good salad with lots of "stuff" (Pluto's is a place near us where you get a foofy lettuce base for your salad, then add 7 items of your choice, and I eat that every time I work bingo). So are fresh tomatoes -- and we live near Sacramento which is the tomato capital of the world! Hmmmm -- other than that, bring on the Doritos and donuts.

We were in Palm Springs for a long weekend a while back, and we stopped by a grocery store to get some stuff for breakfasts and lunches. We decided to get some donut holes as a treat. And then a disagreement broke out between the kids, because apparently 1/4 of an ENTIRE BOX is not enough donut holes for my boys (!). Being the loving mom (doormat) that I am, I said I didn't want any (lie). But at the very end of the box, Tim offered me one, and I accepted. As I was bringing it to my lips, I thought, "fresh food is good, raw food is good, five a day..." and so on, hoping that I just wouldn't care for it all that much. Nope. Even as I write this, my mouth is watering, because that darned flour/sugar/fat deep fried covered with more sugar/fat morsel was DELICIOUS!!!

If I were to choose my food based solely on what I like, I'd be as big as a house. I think that's true for many people. So when I eat broccoli, while it's not on my list of favorites, I factor in the nutrition powerhouse that it is, and consider that as I consider how much I like it. And I'm trying to teach my kids to think that way as well. Being athletes, they think of the food/performance connection way more than I ever did as a child, and my prayer is that this will continue throughout their lives.

Maybe I'll go to Costco and get some blackberries.

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Eileen said...

OK now...where's your 25 list??? And how is your surgery recovery going?