Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I've given myself a green light...

...to exercise. Although my doctor wants me on exercise moratorium until Friday, I just can't take it anymore. Plus I'm really healthy. Plus plenty of people disregard doctor's orders, right?

So yesterday I did a 35 minute walk/run/lunge/high kick workout. It felt FANTASTIC! Then last night I lifted weights at home. Boy, taking 3-1/2 weeks off has an impact on how much you can lift. Today I'm sore, mostly in my lower body, and it feels good, good, good!


My tastes in music are eclectic and range from classical to electronic to old school funk to rock. Right now I'm pretty stuck on Zero 7, a band from the U.K. I particularly like Somersault and In the Waiting Line. And two songs that are perfect for power walks or lunge walking are "You're My Best Friend" by Queen (so uplifting!) and "Then Came You" by Dionne Warwick.


Although I don't like going to bed hungry (I've been a "cereal before sleep" girl for decades now), I'm starting to get used to it. Weight is holding steady in the mid-130s, which means all my clothes fit loosely, and that's good. My hope is to stay disciplined with food while adding exercise back in and see where that takes me. Zero concerns here about needing to gain weight -- gimme some Starbucks chocolate chip cookies and See's candy, and I'll be up 5 pounds in no time!

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Shelly Egan said...

Les, since I have been reading your blogs, I have gotten more aware of my food choices. It was bizarre, all of the sudden I was up 10 lbs. Ice cream, cookies, chips, JUNK..... at all times of the day and at worse, right before bed. Wonder why I gained all that weight! Hah! I am greatful that you were so aware, now I am too. Havent gained one more pound since watching the intake. Someday, I am going to get on the stick and actually utilize the gym that we pay a fortune for every month. Someday.... : )