Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stepping off the roller coaster?

Firstly, thank you for the oh-so-nice comments and e-mails. They warmed my heart and lifted my spirits. One in particular came at exactly the right time -- thanks Jen!

Ok, so right now I'm doing pretty good, but the entire weekend was an emotional roller coaster. Friday I did NOT get the green light I was hoping for, which was hard to accept. Saturday I decided to go on a walk (which is ok), adding in a few (300) lunge walks and some light jogging. Ok, it was wrong, and I can tell I'm not ready for running yet. But the lunges felt great until today. Holy crap -- how did I ever do thousands of lunges in a day?!?! It was only two months ago that I stopped, but I'm seriously wondering if I just made all that up, cuz lunges are HARD HARD HARD! But it feels good to be sore.

Today salvation came in the form of a River Cats baseball game. They're the AAA team for the Oakland A's, and my kids were invited by our neighbors to go. So we had six hours to ourselves, and we used much of that time to unpack the last of the boxes -- hooray! Working on them together wasn't nearly as overwhelming as trying to do it alone, although going through the old crafts stuff was a little hard as I looked at crayons that Tucker had colored down to little stubs -- that boy has always loved art -- and came across projects the kids had done years ago. But we did it, and it feels great to be box-free and moving closer to order than we've been in a while.

This week I'll post pictures of the new kitchen. Austin saw a picture of our old kitchen on the computer, and commented, "I didn't realize how bad it looked before!" Truth is that it didn't look bad before, but it's pretty darn nice now -- thanks Tim!


Eileen said...

OOOhhhh...I want to see your pictures. One day I will post some after pics too. I didn't think ours was all that bad before the hurricane, but now when I see the pictures, I think "ugh!" because everything is so different now.

One day you can post before and after pics of YOU too! Hope you feel better and get stronger fast. Glad you can do the walking.

None said...

Glad things are turning around. Can't wait to see your kitchen. I'm getting ready to send you an email to comment further. Have a GREAT day!

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