Friday, December 01, 2006

Can we talk beauty?

I used to feel like the only 12-year-old in a grown-up woman's body -- awkward, insecure, and sure that everyone else knew how to "do" the beauty thing, but not me. But in the past few years I've found some confidence, along with a healthy dose of "I am what I am!" and that's helped the awkward adolescent to grow up a bit.

Based on that background, it kind of amazes me AND cracks me up that I'd feel like I could write ANYTHING about beauty. Having said that, I have something to say. I'd found some products I love, so of course I need to share this info with my friends.

First thing is Big Tease mascara by Bare Escentuals. I'm still completely sold on their makeup, but am in love with this mascara. It makes your lashes long and pretty without getting all goopy like some mascaras do. Also at BE is Buxom Lips, a lip plumper/gloss that's really nice, but only seems to be included in some of their kits, not separately.

And my niece introduced me to the BEST flat iron on the planet -- the CHI flat iron. I thought all flat irons were the same, but I was oh so wrong.

Of course, these are just outside beauty things. The most important beauty advice is always to love and accept yourself for who you are, retain a positive outlook on life, and drink tons of beauty juice (aka water). But finding great mascara, lip gloss, and a flat iron sure doesn't hurt!


Brit-Man said...

How times change. Originally Flat Irons, used to be big clunky metal things, heated on a coal fire, and used to iron clothes.

Obviously it's not the same anymore ;-).


Jen said...

I bought a Chi flatiron this year, too! I got mine on - they have GREAT prices.

I'm all for the BE stuff. I need to go to Sephora this weekend and check out the mascara.

The gawky 12 yr old in a 40-something woman's body... I can relate! I blame it on the fact that my mom was never a girlie girl kind of mom. But my younger sister is a total diva. I'm not sure where she learned it!

Eileen said...

My 14-yr old has a CHI and loves it. She can do amazing things with her hair. I can't seem to get the hang of the flat iron thing...I think I look really funny with my hair THAT straight.

BE....want to try it. Have tried several of the imitations though.