Friday, February 22, 2008


Regarding "Fingers Crossed":

Regina -- thank you!
Colette -- thank you (and your words warmed my heart!)
Brit Man -- as always, thank you!
Anthony -- thanks for the heads up on your new address.
Irene -- thank you!
Katie -- thank you!
Evelyne -- thank you, and you're right -- eating peanut M&M's is much better than many alternatives!

It really was scary to press "send" for the newsletter, and then just have to wait and see. It was so great to get feedback here -- again, thank you!!!

Regarding "Quick Update":
Colette, Brit Man, and Katie -- I will be writing about the time with Tracy and Fawn soon!

Regarding "A few spare minutes":
Brit Man -- you are so right.
Irene -- I'm glad to hear that another trainer did the same thing.
Colette -- I'm so glad you're doing better, and I value our virtual friendship too!
Jen -- Thanks for the encouragement. And can you (one more time) send me an invitation to view your blog. Maybe 3rd time would be a charm?!?!

Regarding "Disappointment":
Again to everyone -- thank you for your thoughtful comments.
Colette -- I got the good beef at the Fruit Shed in Loomis (on Taylor Road between Horseshoe Bar and King). But I've heard there's a place in Granite Bay called Vander-something Meats that also has the good stuff. (It's on Douglas in the shopping center that has the restaurant called Toast).
Eileen -- I just finished EPL this week too. And I plan on listening again in the near future. So happy you liked it!

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Jen said...

Leslie - I got your email newsletter. It is AWESOME! Thank you! And my blog is open to everyone now. You should have no problem reading it.