Friday, February 15, 2008

A few spare minutes

A client commented the other day, "You must be in such great shape from training all of your clients, right?" Unfortunately, no. Just as having a two-story house does not make you thin (darn it!), training clients does not "count" as a workout. It does help with being generally active, for sure. But regular workouts need to be in the mix too. For example, here are my past few days of training:

Monday: boxing camp, train 2 clients
Tuesday: tough weight and kettlebell workout with a client (I have ONE client who I workout with at her request), train 3 more clients
Wednesday: boxing camp, train 6 clients
Thursday: boxing camp, 5 mile run
Friday: train 3 clients, P90X+ full-body workout, 4 mile run
Saturday (tomorrow): kettlebells with Fawn and Tracy!!!
Sunday (planned): 10 mile run

When I train clients, we warmup together and I sometimes do core exercises with them, but for the most part my activity is limited to demonstrating an exercise, spotting, or giving and taking weights needed for various exercises.

I suppose as I look at my week, it's not surprising that it's only 9:30 and I'm tired. But when Tim gets home (in the next 10 minutes or so) we are watching Lost (taped last night) and no amount of tiredness is going to stop me from that!


Brit-Man said...

You kind of think most people would realise what you just said though.

Plus you can't do several different types of workouts for several different types of people if half of them won't do much for someone in your physical situation, then you'd just be training ofr training sake some of the time :-s.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Irene said...

My trainer rarely worked out with me because, as you said, he was either spotting and advising.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Colette said...

I am so happy for you! You have got yourself quit a few clients now. Isn't it funny about the stairs. When I moved into my two story house, I thought for sure that would do SOMETHING for me, but nope,not true ;)

Thank you so much for your understanding and caring words on my blog. You and Matt are so right, and I am over it! After re-reading what I wrote, I thought, who is this baby? I had nothing to feel so bad's not like a went on a week binge or something. You are right about the learning thing too. We are always learning.

You're a very specail person, Leslie. I'm glad to have you as my friend.

Jen said...

Wow - you have a lot of clients and you just started this business not too long ago. Have you really taken a look at how much you've accomplished in this new endeavor? GREAT job!