Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday

I found this on Katie's weblog and decided to play. Thanks Katie!

5 of your favorite blogs (in no particular order):
  1. All my fitness friends' weblogs!
  2. Alwyn Cosgrove's weblog (the guy KNOWS fitness!)
  3. Tracy Reifkind's weblog (nobody better for creative kettlebell routines and great food inspiration!)
  4. Anthony DiLuglio's newsletter (not technically a weblog, for great kettlebell teaching)
  5. Cathe Friedrich's STS weblog (I can't wait!)
5 things you bought recently:
  1. A jeans jacket and a gold/beige coat from CAbI -- beautiful stuff!
  2. Some Brussels sprouts, which I roasted and drizzled with balsamic vinegar -- yum!
  3. Two more plyo steps (I'm doing more partner training, and needed some supplies).
  4. Vegetarian spring rolls from Nugget Market.
  5. Cathe Friedrich's STS (Shock Training System).
5 of your favorite sports to watch:
  1. Gymnastics, when Austin is competing.
  2. Tae Kwon Do, when Tucker is competing.
  3. The Sacramento Kings, when we have Tim's company's court-side seats.
  4. Acrobatic gymnastics (a la Cirque du Soleil)
  5. American Gladiators (ok, so it's maybe not exactly a sport, but it so fun!)
5 of your favorite numbers (if you have 5):
  1. 3
  2. 7
  3. 13
  4. 113
  5. 127
5 completely random things:
  1. I iron my flannel PJs, because I like the lapel and collar to be smooth.
  2. I know I'm a geek at heart, but I'm totally good with it!
  3. One of these days I'll learn to garden, but mostly plants just piss me off because they won't cooperate.
  4. I have a new favorite lunch: baby carrots, multi-colored bell peppers, and 3 flavor hummus from Trader Joe's -- YUM!
  5. Being vegetarian totally agrees with me and I really like it.


KatieFeldmom said...

Ironing flannel pajamas ... now that's a first.

Brit-Man said...

Interesting. I'm glad you found something to get you thinking like that :-).

I could never go vegetarian. Beneath this humble exterior, beats the digestive system of a man circa 2008 BC.

I need Meat almost as much as I need Oxygen :-p :-p.

Hmm wonder if Oxygen counts as a seperate foodgroup?

I digress.

Anyway, hope you're doing fine. Best wishes and take care.

:-) :-).


Brit-Man said...
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Colette said...

After "seeing" what I've seen about hamburger meat and what hotdogs are made with I am only eating chicken for now on! Thank goodness the kids watched the same shows because now the feel the complete same way. I've always "known" what was in the meat, but to actually SEE it...wow!! Plus, we all know that eating more vegies and beans are better for us anyway ;)

Pamela said...

Ironing your Jammies...CUTE!

Noelle said...

Hi, Thanks for doing my meme, and I'm glad you found it!! Sorry for the delayed comment, sometimes I get behind.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Leslie, I iron my pj tops so the collar and lapel are smooth, i also iron my pillow case so its smooth! LOL :)

Congrats to your son on placing 2nd you must be super proud!

Thanks for the update about 5 favorite blogs..Tracy's is great!

Here are my 5 favorite newsletters
Mike Mahler's
Tim Larkin's
Lisa Shaffer's
Leslie's (yes yours!)
Alywn Cosgove's.

never been to trader joe's there is one about 30 minutes away I'll have to check it out. I am with britman, I like eating redmeat and meats but I do get the organic kind.