Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Fun

We watched Across the Universe with Tucker (Austin's at a sleepover), and then Tucker and I had fun with the camera on the iMac. (Please note the neatly ironed collar and lapels on my hot pink giraffe pj's!) Incidentally, Across the Universe is a really good movie, and I already downloaded Joe Cocker's version of Come Together for my long run tomorrow!

P.S. As I was saying goodnight to Tucker, he said, "I have the weirdest and coolest mom!" That, friends, made my week!


LizN said...

I am so loving your ironed Flannel pjs - I can't believe I've found a fellow flannel ironer :) They look great :) And I can't wait for STS either. Never mind that I teach at a gym or anything :)

Eileen said...

I can't help but notice the red couch because, well, I happen to have one that looks an awful lot like THAT one! (Big surprise, huh?)

Brit-Man said...

Glad you're doing okay.

Best wishes :-) :-).


Irene said...


Colette said...

Oh Leslie, my heart just warmed up hearing what he said to you. Those are the moments to cherish in our hearts forever...and you know what? He's right!