Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fingers crossed!

I just sent my first fitness newsletter, and I'm really nervous. Why? Because it's something new. Because I want people to like it. Because it's stepping outside of my comfort zone.

As I'm waiting for it to send, let me attempt to be a gracious person and reply to some of the wonderful comments I've received.

From the post "Birthday Haiku"
Carol -- thanks for the bday wishes!
Jen -- your birthday comment made my heart soar! I STILL can't read your weblog and I hate that. Email me sometime, ok?

From the post "Sugar Blues"
Katie -- yes, we've spent so much time at gymnastics studios! I didn't let my kids do gymnastics until they were 3 years old -- we didn't have the money to really cover much in the way of activities, and at 3, they could do a real class, not mommy and me. And with 2 kids just 2 years apart in age, that wasn't going to work.
Matt -- your comment made me laugh. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who benefits from your encouragement!
Evelyne -- I continue to be amazed by your progress. Keep up the great work!
Colette -- I'm glad you liked the dinner board idea. Nope -- the client is not our mutual friend, but I'd sure LOVE to work with her!

From "Ready to go"
Irene -- I'm glad you agreed with my decision to back out of the race. And yeah, the 50 is an ass-kicker!
Katie -- Thanks for asking about Tim. He finished in 5th place, I think, so he almost won the "toilet bowl" as they call the lower bracket of teams! But he had a great time playing, that's for sure!
Pamela -- I saw your email, and when I have time to breathe, I'll be checking out Facebook again!
Colette -- thanks for the welcome back! When do you want to do the trail again?
Evelyne -- I'll be happy to give you some tips on pullups. Email me at lgandy at starstream dot net.
LizN -- you made my day, girl! Thanks for the sweet words!

From "Boxing Camp Update" (which included my son's gymnastics video)
Katie, Pamela, Colette, Matt, Evelyne, Anonymous, and Jen -- your comments really made my son feel great -- thank you!
P.S. to Jen -- paying for college would be cheaper than going for the scholarship, I think, but if it's his passion, we're behind it 100%!

From "Almost-Weekend Update"
Colette -- the snow WAS perfect!
Matt -- as always, muchas gracias!
Sunshine -- I'm thinking of buying myself the pink gloves for V-Day, as husband doesn't celebrate it!
Evelyne -- yeah, I think you do have to box to get some. That's what prevents me from buying some of the oh-so-cute golf costumes, I mean clothes!
Laurie -- I don't have your email anymore. Please send it, ok?

From "Fun in the snow"
Laurie -- if you keep the pigtails low, they look kinda polished and good. Of course, if I want to embarrass my kids, I can just make 'em sproing out from the sides of my head!

From "If it weren't for my kids, I'd be thin!"
Laurie -- I like lots of other candy just fine. For example, don't put me NEAR Reese's pieces, or anything from See's or Godiva!
Stef -- you were in Vail? How cool! We snowboard, these days, at Sugarbowl at Tahoe. It's just a little over an hour from our front door.
Colette -- your comment made my whole WEEK better!
Matt -- merci beaucoup!
Katie -- thanks for the encouragement!
Irene -- the quarter idea is a good one...
Eileen -- EXCELLENT suggestion on getting back to the audio book! I haven't listened since -- who knows? I'm putting my iPod in the car right now!

You know, until I kept this weblog, I could NEVER keep a journal. I tried. I really tried. But it just seemed stupid and pointless. But this? This feels real because real people actually read what I write. (That just blows me away.) And sometimes they take the time to write to me. (REALLY blows me away.) What I'm trying to say is THANK YOU!

(I'll let you know how the newsletter thing goes...)


Anonymous said...

Great Newsletter Leslie!!!

Colette said...

Stop that worrying! The news letter was GREAT! You are a pro girlfriend...get used to it ;)

I'm so happy you commented on comments. I like when people do that.

Yes people read your blog...you have interesting things to say. When you took a break, I kept coming to your page to see if your back, and when you did come back, hooray!!

You matter ;)

Anthony C said...

i noticed you've been by my blog lately so i thought i would send you the new link.. th eold one just disappeared for some reason i cant figure out so i am back to square 1...


Irene said...

I think getting feedback helps. :) I do enjoy your blog!

KatieFeldmom said...

I very much enjoyed the first newsletter. Thanks for sending it to me!

Anthony C said...

ross's stuff is at



and for all of his evil genius...


Brit-Man said...

You deserve the blog support. You are such an inspiring individual, and you're a support magnet, who naturally wins people over with your attitude, personality,and abilities.

So you should be proud of who you are, and what you do. It makes people want to say something, so that has to be a good thing.

:-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie!

Please send me the newsletter too! My email addy is: hameve at hotmail dot com. Thanks!! Sorry I'm a little late!

My Hubby LOVES peanut M&M's and he ALWAYS has a stash. Thank goodness my favorites are the peanut BUTTER ones. But, lately, I just don't crave ANY of that stuff. Hmmm.

My kids drive me crazy sometimes too. Forgetting stuff all the time and then having me turn around to go get it. Sometimes I really think we deserve those M&M's. At least you're eating those and not strangling them, right?

I think you look absolutely ADORABLE in your pigtails. Just beautiful!

Pamela said...

I'm sure EVERYONE will love it! you have a wonderful way of putting things :) & Yes add me to the list too please :)