Monday, August 07, 2006

1000 lunges a day? No way!

From January to late March, I decided to do 1000 lunge walks per day for the entire year. Don't really know what caused me to decide to do it -- kind of because I could, I guess. I would do 2000 one day, take a day off, then do 3000, take 2 days off -- like that. And I continued through late March, when I realized the the constant soreness was causing me to avoid cardio, and as a result, I was getting bigger, not smaller, because of my efforts. Note that these were done holding no weight, just using body weight, and the most I ever did in one day was 6000, which incidentally takes a little less than an hour. And yes, I had a pedometer (thanks Tim!) to help me keep track. My ending number was 89,000 total lunges.

So yesterday I decided to revisit lunges, grabbed some 10 pound weights, and did maybe 150 lunge walks. Today I am SORE SORE SORE. Holy cow -- how did I EVER do all those lunges? I promise I wasn't lying when I wrote about them on my old weblog, really! But I can't even imagine doing that now. Of course, someday I may look back and think, "How did I ever train for a marathon..."


Irene said...

You're my hero. I can't do lunges without knee problems, so I have to do other exercises. Wow.

oldLobo said...

Constant soreness is a sure sign that you did the right thing by stopping. Too much of a good thing, I'd say. Don't get into a rut.