Thursday, August 31, 2006

Great news!

Ok, wanna hear something great? I LOVE training!!! I just got back from the second time of working with my girlfriend, and it was fantastic. She's wonderful to spend time with, which of course makes it fun. But what I'm so excited about is that I really love the actual process of working with someone. Getting feedback on how the exercise feels to them. Teaching proper form, or modifying an exercise based on feedback. Correcting posture or helping them to know where they should be feeling the effort. Counting reps, and encouraging at the very end of the set. All of that -- it's great! It honestly feels like I may have found what I've been looking for -- the "what I want to be when I grow up" thing!

Fit & Fresh

You must check out the Fit & Fresh website. They have the BEST containers for taking healthy foods with you on the go. I'll be using their Salad Shaker for my dinner tonight at bingo. What's so great about the container is that it keeps the dressing separate from the salad till you're ready to use it. And because the way it's designed is so neat, Tucker's taken salad for lunch twice since school started, and having your 10-year-old WANT to bring salad? That's big!

Mud Run

The Mud Run was a blast! Walking up and seeing the mud pit, Tim and I were both thinking "Why do we do this???" But anything that's worth something comes with a price, right? And the price for great family memories, in this case, is getting dirty, and in my case, little girl knees. That's right -- both knees are black and blue (well, now turning purple and yellow!) and scraped up from the tunnels you crawl through and the mud pit.

Austin was having hamstring troubles so he dropped out after 3 miles. Tim completed the 5 miles looking strong and handsome as ever! The big news of the day, though, was Tucker who also ran the ENTIRE FIVE MILES! He was only about a minute off my time, although since the men and the women start at different times, we didn't finish together.

And (drum roll, please) I finished THIRD in my age group, and 21st out of all the women! But I think that the mud keeps a lot of women away, so maybe the competition isn't as stiff as it could be, but still, I'm very happy with third.

My neighbor came and her husband and son ran the race while she took pictures of all of us. As soon as she gets them to me, I'll put them on the web. We all came home tired, dirty, and happy, which is how the mud run always is. It's amazing how much harder it is to run 5 miles when you throw in some ammo boxes, tunnels, walls, and of course a big hangin' pit of mud!


jennifer said...

Te Mud Run sounds like fun. I KNOW the kids must love it. I remember pics from your flickr that looked like it must be the mud run...or you guys like to play in mud a lot.
That is SUPER news about training. It is a great feeling to do something you love and help people.
The sex thing is tricky in my situation. YES, feeling confident and sexy certainly gets one in the mood. But the look I feel most sexy in (lean and muscular) is not what is the biggest turn on for my husband. He actually likes thick and soft. But what he does like best is when I am totally up for it and if he has to feel muscles than so be it.
Look forward to reading about your growing client list.

jennifer said...
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jennifer said...
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