Friday, August 25, 2006

Way too much in my head

Just a quick note to say hi. Studying is going well. Life is busy and good. There's SO much I want to write about, and I have no time at the moment. But when I DO have time, here's what I'll be covering:

Mather Mud Run (it's tomorrow, and our whole family is running it for the 3rd time!)
Coming back from injury
Sex and training
Fit & Fresh (which is not the same thing as the previous subject!)
Comments on comments (I'm amazed at the cool people who take the time to write about my posts!)

Be good!


Eileen said...

Sex and running....get busy writing! Or are you busy having SEX?

jennifer said...

I love studying too, but I'm a dork.

I keep harping on hypnosis, but it was the last subject I studied.

I learned that as children we are given "suggestions," things that can stick with us our whole lives which may be good or detrimental.
When I hit 1st grade, the dear old nuns took a liking to me and I was labeled "smart," a good student.
In their value system, I fit the title.

It stuck with me. I always excelled in school because I was told I was smart. Had I been labeled something else, troublemaker, ADD...who knows.

Anyway, I love studying, I'm a good student and tell your kids how smart and talented they are...which I am sure you do.

Great job on the certification adventure.

PS. No sex in my camp. I'm on the abstinence and training Hubby's in California for 3 weeks.

Jules said...

Bring those topics on, girl. Good luck on the family run. I think it's so cool that you do that together.

It's also cool to hear about the studying; I'll try to think of some biz names for you. Remember that travel related to your biz is tax deductable, too. You know that conference they're having in Maui next year ... mmm hmm, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Stef said...

Looking forward to the scoop!


Irene said...

Do you have pictures from the mud run??? How fun!