Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On the DL

Rather than doing a long run yesterday, I packed up both boys and two of their friends and headed to the new high school. I figured the boys (ages 13, 12, 12, and 10) could play and I could do some speedwork. Warmed up for 2 miles, and my left hamstring felt twingey, but I kept going. When I went to do my second speed interval, I felt something give in the back of my leg, and I had to stop running.

Went to my PT today and I have a hamstring pull (not a tear, which is really good!). So I need to stay away from running for a few days, find some flat places when I start running again (Rocklin is ALL hills, I tell you!) and make friends with ice.


So instead of fitness, let's talk beauty for a minute. I have found the BEST shampoo. It's called Phytojojoba by Phyto. You see, I have the opposite problem of every girl on the planet. Everyone else seems to want more body in their hair, and I just want mine to LAY DOWN! I've even smoothed it with hand lotion on more than one occasion, much to my hair dresser's amusement. Well, this shampoo (and the Phytocitrus deep conditioner) make my hair smooth and silky and GREAT -- hooray!

Also, I'm still a fan of Bare Escentuals makeup, and from myblends.com found a link to a site where you can get samples of Bare Minerals products as well as empty shaker jars (for some reason, not all the BE products come in shaker jars, although they really should!). Anyway, I feel like my skin is better since using BE stuff and it's so easy to use that even a girl-challenged person like me can make her makeup look good.


Irene said...

I hope you get past the hamstring pull quickly!

I have the same hair issue... I just don't want it to be so fluffy... And then there's the humidity issue... Eeek! It's nice to find stuff that works well on your hair. I've been using Pureology. It cost an arm and a leg but it works, I'm not allergic to it, and a little goes a long way. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
Hope your hamstring gets better asap!
Doesn't it make the world of difference when we find the 'right' products for our bodies. Everyone keeps raving about the Bare Escentuals make-up line. At the age of 36 my skin STILL breaks out as if I was 15. Maybe this is something I oughta try.

jennifer said...

By all means take that pull serious and let it heal. Too much experience with NOT doing that and the hell to pay. I am glad it isn't themore serious of the two.

Big hair...look no further. Mine is stupid big. I dedicated some serious blogging posts to my hair care. Needless to say, those of us trying to tame the mane will clammer to any product that promises lovely smooth hair.
Glad you found something.

Been meaning to ask about the flickr photos...details on the figure/bodybuilding show?

PS. In some of the photos you look like Kelly Preston.

Dori said...

I use Phyto, too. The daily hydrating cream helps keep my hair tamed.