Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Boo boo feet

I did 13 miles on Saturday and didn't wear my "good" socks (Bal Ga is my brand). That was a mistake. I got a small blister on the end of my baby toe. Yesterday I was going to do 7 or 8, but ended up doing 10. Small blister turned into big blister. Ow. I opened it last night but kept the top skin on (as per my running book's info about blisters that won't stop hurting) and it's better today. But I want it to go away.

Other than the discomfort factor with blisters that are healing (I just got over another one in a different place), blisters are preventing me from having pretty feet. It seems stupid to get a pedicure with an open wound on your foot, so I've stayed away from the nail salon. But it's summertime and I want my toes to look good. And without the help of the nail salon, this runner's feet are not a pretty picture -- literally!


Miss Fit said...

I hear ya on wanting pretty feet – especially during summer. After I ran my marathon, one of my toenails fell off and my feet just never looked the same. Maybe it’s my imagination, but they are uglier now than before the marathon. Or perhaps I’ve always had not very pretty feet. I love pretty shoes, so it’s a bummer.

ANYWAY, I’m just getting caught up on some blog reading and saw your post about “the George.” I am a HUGE fan of my George and use it almost every day. I’ve had mine for a couple years and I’m thinking of upgrading to one of the newer models that have the removable grill plates because the only thing I don’t like about the George is cleaning it. Other than that, it’s the BEST invention EVER.

Hope your feet feel better soon! Oh, and congratulations on the awesome runs!

Mari said...

Hi I was so interested in your blog I read the entire way down. Since you like comments thought I would let you know I was here.

I am amazed my your long runs and mileage totals. Good for you, stay healthy. Be good to your legs. I say do your toes yourself. You can make them pretty without the salon. My friend got a staph infection after getting a pedicure with a hang nail. How nasty is that.