Sunday, August 06, 2006

What Tim Says I Should Write

I think I must be bugging Tim, cuz he suggested I get on the computer and write. I told him I had nothing to say, and he came up with all sorts of things he thinks I should talk about. So here they are:

Tim's running: Wednesday night we ran 5 miles together, and I thought Tim did great, but he says I kicked his ass. But my longer running miles have encouraged him to get out there and run again -- he's run 3 marathons, but the most recent was maybe 7 years ago -- and he did 6 miles on Saturday night, his longest run in a long time.

Speed work: I got up at 6:30 and went to the new high school's track this morning. Warmed up for almost 2 miles, then did pick ups where I ran 1/2 of the track fast, then recovered the other 1/2. I did this 6 times and boy was I tired. But the track -- it's beautiful! It's that composite stuff that makes your feet and joints feel great when you run. I'm taking the kids there tomorrow to check it out.

Leading my family astray: This week I ran 38 miles. You'd think with all those miles you can have ANYTHING AT ALL YOU WANT IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO EAT, right? Nope, at least in my case, cuz sugar makes me a total nut case. So Friday I ran 10, and that night I wanted a treat. So I made up some brownie mix (minus the eggs and most of the oil, because I had no intention of baking any brownies) and got me a ramekin and a spoon -- YUM! Then I encouraged my family, who likes ice cream, to try mixing brownie batter mixed with ice cream, which was a huge hit. Huge enough that Tim feels like I led us all into nutrition hell with my idea. Well, everyone else seemed to do fine with it, but I woke up really depressed on Saturday, and spent the entire day in a funk that I just couldn't shake. I felt a little better after I finally went running late afternoon. Today we went to IKEA, and I steered clear of the cinnamon rolls the rest of my gang indulged in.

A great license plate frame: "A Queen and Four Jokers" This seen on a car in our church parking lot. Isn't that an awesome boy mom thing?

NASM Certification: I'm waiting till the kids are back in school to really start studying. They just have 2 more weeks of summer left, and I want to enjoy the time with them. We went to a blackberry farm last week where they have thornless blackberry bushes. We picked a flat of berries and are nearly done eating them, this without freezing or smoothie-ing a single berry. (We LOVE the blackberries, we do!) This week we're heading to the Crocker Art Museum for a day, and I'm not really sure what else. But I do know that as much as summertime can be hard as a stay-at-home mom, I'm gonna miss my boys like crazy when school starts again!

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