Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good for the Soul!

Friday Jenny and I ran 9-1/2 miles and for the rest of the day I felt BEAT UP! So I did something unheard of for me recently -- I took TWO DAYS OFF of exercising. Didn't do a thing yesterday or today, and guess what? It feels marvelous! So I got 28 miles in for the week -- a little less than I'm shooting for -- but I think it was best to listen to my body rather than militantly stick to plan, ya know?

Something else I did that was so good for my soul -- I had THREE Krispy Kreme donuts this morning. We went after church, and usually I just sit and keep my family company while they indulge. Not today baby!

So I'm listening to "More Bounce" by Heavy D and the Boyz and can't wait to run in the morning. I got a bunch of new songs, some because we rented "Roll Bounce" and the music brought back so many memories (as a class of '79 grad, the soundtrack is SO right on!). The others I bought because they just work for me. And the "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" I found on the forum about workout music. It was posted as a great pre-working out song. So here's what I'll be listening to on my 8 mile run in the morning:

Battle Without Honor or Humanity, Tomoyasu Hotei
(based on watching Roll Bounce)
Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice
Betcha She Don't Love You, Evelyn "Champagne" King
Mony Mony, Billy Idol
More Bounce, Heavy D and the Boyz
Hollywood Swinging, Kool & the Gang
Lovely Day, Bill Withers
Fire, Ohio Players
Pick Up the Pieces, Average White Band
(random stuff I just like)
Closer, Nine Inch Nails
Give it Away, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Thriller, Michael Jackson
Valotte, Julian Lennon
Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones
Jesus Walks, Kanye West
Lose Yourself, Eminem


Lori said...

How do you feel after your two days of not working out? I am putting on a few pounds on purpose this time to start a new challenge Sept 1st. WOW, I feel depressed and fat for not working out as much and eating crap all of the time. It's a good break though.


Jules said...

I've never heard of Roll Bounce; sounds like I need to rent it too. Yes, music soothes the soul!