Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to school

It's been an eventful few days. Sunday was Austin's 13th birthday party. We had 14 tweens at the house for a murder mystery party, dinner, and swimming. Tim and I were tired that night for sure!

Monday was Austin's actual birthday and the last day of summer for the kids, so I spent the day hanging out at home so that they could hang out at home. Austin got an airsoft gun for his birthday, and most of the day was spent playing a version of "hide & go seek" where the person who's "it" has the gun. (Sweatshirts, jeans, and goggles were worn by all participants, in case you're wondering.) Boys are so different from girls, cuz playing hide & go seek with a GUN?!?! That's just pure crazy!

Yesterday was first day of school. Austin started at the Junior High, and Tucker's in 5th grade. The both came home happy about the day, liking their teachers, and happy to be back with friends. And guess what? Yesterday was MY first day back at school too. Well, it's self-study, but I had planned to devote a LOT of time to the NASM study materials when the kids went back, and I did. Yesterday it was about 2-1/2 hours of anatomy and physiology. Today it was about 3 hours of the same. I'm gettin' excited about being certified!

Finally, a hamstring update. My PT cleared me to run, but running hurts the whole entire time. I did 5 miles yesterday, stopping and stretching every mile, and while it didn't hurt after the run, it really hurt during the run. Today I did 6, but I walked up every incline, figuring that's where you get the most hanstring involvement. So it was a slow (10 minute per mile) pace, but I covered the distance. Think I'll take tomorrow off from running. "Don't be stupid" is my new motto, along with "do something!"


jennifer said...

Glad that things are more raincloud.

Your son's birthday sounded like fun. Love the murder mystery theme. That's A LOT of kids!

Take care of that injury.

Thanks for the fitness comp. details. You look awesome in that micro bikini...great color for you.


Anonymous said...

YAY! For school!! Good luck with studying for your certification. It's something I wanted to go to school for. Take it easy with that hamstring. We don't want you in pain now. HUGS for you!

KatieFeldmom said...

Hope your hamstring is feeling better soon.

oldLobo said...

When I'm hurt, I don't stretch that area. I prefer to use those foam rollers to massage myself.

If it is possible, try running on a treadmill for the next few workouts (with some days off). That will reduce the impact and get you used to running again.