Friday, August 04, 2006

Remarks on comments

To everyone who wrote about The George: Thank you! I think Costco's online George (with removable grill plates) will be on my list for Santa this year!

Mari: thanks for taking the time to read! I checked out your blog, and loved that the picture you show is the race that Steve Runner (of the Phedippedations podcast) was talking about on an old podcast I was listening to. What a beautiful place to run!

Lobo: thank you for your continued running wisdom! I had a friend tell me last night to find a composite track to do intervals on, if possible, and I think that's where I'll try next time. I was able to run 5 more miles that night, although I was pretty tired, so the endurance is starting to improve...

Jennifer: Yeah, gymnastics is way cool for boys. When Tim took the kids camping, he kept referring to them as "my 12 pack" and he's not kidding. The other night, Tucker was down in pancake splits with his chest glued to the floor, so his coach lifted one of his legs into OVERsplits! I was on the bleachers watching and a bunch of mom's were going "Can you believe he can do that?" Yep, that's MY kid, baby! Austin's got front and back giants down on high bar and his pommel routines are beautiful! Proud? You betcha! Oh, and I think Brown's Valley is about an hour or so from here -- let me know if you have time to get together, cuz I'd love to!

Irene: Thanks for the carb advice. I'm training for CIM (California International Marathon, December 2nd), with a goal of qualifying for Boston. I just need (well, maybe it's not a "just") a sub-4:00 marathon in order to do it, and based on my half-marathon time from November, most race calculators think I can do a 3:40 marathon (yeah, right!). So it's an agressive goal, but aren't goals supposed to stretch you???

Jen and Eileen: In my mind, you girls are my BFF (blog friends forever). You continue to inspire just by who you are!


Eileen said...

Awww.... I so wish you lived next door!

Irene said...

Good luck with you Q time for Boston!!! That would be awesome! I'm nowhere near a Q time for anything... My goal is just fininshing...

Have a great weekend!