Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Many unrelated things, and my genius husband

I think the slimming tea is some caffeine, a diuretic, and a mild laxative. But it sounds so much better when it goes by its nickname of "slimming tea" doesn't it???

Got a little off track over the weekend. I don't know how anyone else gets off track, but for me it usually involves lots of stress, poor food choices, very little exercise, and this time it included forgetting to take anti-d for 3 days in a row. Truly -- this is a recipe for an emotional head-on collision! On Monday I was eating a candy bar (desperately seeking serotonin, I think), yelling profanity at the oh-s0-slow drivers on the road (no kids in the car at the time, though) and thinking "Something is seriously wrong with me!" Thank goodness for the moment of clarity where I thought, "Wait now...have I been forgetting something???" By Tuesday afternoon I was starting to feel more balanced, and I think today it's all systems go.

It's good that I was feeling better yesterday afternoon, because I spent an hour dealing with a printer paper jam. Tucker has a project due on Friday, and he wanted the text to look old. So we took paper and dyed it in a mixture of tea and coffee, which made it look like parchment. When we sent the paper through the printer, the first page did great, and the second page just got all caught up in the printer's guts, and wouldn't come out. So I spent nearly an hour using tweezers to pull confetti-sized pieces of paper from the printer. Then I needed to take Austin to PT, and just had to leave the project. When Tim came home, he clicked on the "How to fix printer jams" icon that I'd completely overlooked, found the magic secret back door to the printer, and had the jam fixed in about, oh like 30 seconds! Mr. Get-It-Done rides again. :)

Tim did convince me to workout Monday afternoon, but I didn't have much time. I went to our gym and did a circuit of these exercises:

KB swings -- 20 pounds, 30 reps
Reverse push-ups -- bar at waist height, 15 reps
Dead squats -- 40 pounds, 15 reps

After 3-1/2 times through, I was feeling, if not completely good, at least quite a bit better. I finished up with some single-leg leg press, using 100 pounds.

On another workout note (sorry this is so long -- kids aren't awake yet, and I actually have a little time to write!), tomorrow will be my last workout with Darla. I started with her in September of 2004 with about 20 pounds of excess fluff that I didn't know how to shed. Over the course of two years, she helped me to get consistent with exercise, created accountability with eating which translated into weight loss, and taught me that I could do WAY more than I ever thought I could do which is what led to me doing a figure competition in 2005. And she helped me to envision a life where I help women make the changes I made, which led to getting certified last month and starting a new chapter in my life. I am so grateful for all she's given me, and my hope is that I can give the same encouragement and guidance to the women who entrust their fitness hopes and dreams to me. (Cue music ... I know, sounds sentimental, but it's true!)

On a final note, I've been listening to some new and some old music recently. On my "I wanna hear it again" playlist are:

Killing in the Name, Rage Against the Machine (Austin introduced me to this) (skip the last minute or so -- it's all screaming and semi-indecipherable profanity)

You Haven't Done Nothin, Stevie Wonder (an oldie but goodie!)

Welcome to Our World, Michael W. Smith (one of my top Christmas songs)

Hope of Israel, Michael W. Smith (completely instrumental, and brings me to tears every time I hear it)

My Christmas Prayer, BeBe Winans and Rob Thomas

Ok, time to mom-up and start rousing the sleeping kids. I told Tucker he was going to wake up with a smile on his face -- hope that happens today!


Eileen said...

So what is the brand name of this tea?

I always like your song recommendations.

Holiday time is least it is a limited time and we will all get right back on track very soon.

Your Darla story...very neat how it started with her but ends with you, if that makes sense.

Brit-Man said...

Leslie, I believe very much, you can have a fantastic impact on people you train.

You have a wondeful Heart, and a great way with people. So you will definitely be a big factor in some peoples lives, and for that you should be very, very proud of yourself.

You start on a new road, but one filled with many good times.

I know you can be strong, and give whaevcer you do your everything, and you've earned this chance to change lives.

You gave 100% to the groundwork, and now you have something that means you are recognised, as a dream maker, because you can make someones physical dreams come true.

Never stop believing in yourself, and never doubt yourself. YOU CAN do this, I know it, and believe in it 100%, and people on blogger, including myself, will give you extra support you deserve to help you walk this new road with confidence and assurity.

You have the power to change peoples lives, like yours has changed, and I know you won't fail in any way to do that.

2007 is going to be a brilliant year for you Leslie, and you are a truly brilliant person.

GOOD LUCK, and best wishes Leslie.

I'll carry on supporting you in 2007, and I'm very proud to be able to. You are inspiring :-).


Irene said...

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! And just in case, have a happy new year, too!