Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Soreness is Building

Ok, so I got up this morning and didn't feel very sore at all. "I must be in great shape!" I thought. Well, as the day goes on, I get sorer and sorer. Everywhere.

In an interesting paradox, this afternoon I was drinking slimming tea and munching on some Petit Fours that a Bingo customer brought to me. Two steps forward and one step back???


Brit-Man said...

Two steps forward one step back?

I think that's upto your conscience to decide Leslie ;-) ;-).


Eileen said...

OK, so what is *slimming tea*? Is it magic? Does it cancel out the petit fours?

KatieFeldmom said...

Yes, please, more about "slimming tea"!!!!!!! Just dropping in to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Well, right now I'm drinking 'fasting tea'. It's supposed to help supress appetite and support liver function. Not sure if it does either but it tastes good. I could go for some cookies right about now. Ha!

Hope your soreness is a little better today. I can't wait to feel that feeling again. Wish that was all it took to make me go work out.

Jen said...

I drink slimming tea from time to time. In my opinion - it's a laxative - plain and simple.

At least my kind of tea is - not sure about Leslie's.