Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big fingers?

My fingers have always been thin. My wedding ring is a 4-3/4, which I'm told is small. Well, my ring no longer fits and I don't know what to do. In the past few months I've been using a recovery drink that has a small amount of creatine in it (200 mg per serving), taking it once a day. Could that be why I can no longer wear my ring? My clothes are fitting with ease and my weight is fine, so it's not a weight thing. Could it be kettlebell workouts? My hands are more callused but not on my fingers. I've switched recovery drinks to one that has no creatine just in case that's it. Any ideas, friends? I want to be married again! :)


KatieFeldmom said...

I love the lots of blogging!!!

Could the larger fingers be from boxing? Maybe they're swollen a lil bit.

Good luck on the race this weekend!!!

Eileen said...

I dunno....but I had to tell you that MY ring is a 5 or 5-1/2 (I don't really remember). Again, *they* say that is small. My daughter used to wear my old wedding band when she was in 4th grade!

My issue is knuckles...mine seem to swell almost instantly if I have a lot of sodium. I can *wear* my rings, but I can't get them past my knuckles without some serious pushing, which kind of hurts.

Irene said...

Yep, could be the creatine. I always swell during the couple of days of carb loading prior to a long run, too.