Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recent workouts

Thursday: boxing camp (am), run 11 miles (pm)
Friday: boxing camp (am)
Saturday: run 10 miles (am)
Sunday: P90X chest/shoulders/triceps (am), Art of Strength Providence (pm)
Monday: boxing camp (am), swings with client (pm), Providence (pm)

At dinner I was saying that I'd done boxing camp and a kettlebell workout today, and Austin said I was crazy. That's a normal comment from a 14-year-old, but I was thinking about it last night, and decided to talk to him about it.

Me: I have a response to your comment about me being crazy because of my workouts.
Austin: Wow -- it only took you 2 hours to come up with a response?! (he's sarcastic like that, and it was said with a smile, so it was ok)
Me: You skated (skateboards) yesterday for 5 hours with your friends, and that was play. Well, the workouts are my play. Only it's tough to find friends to play with, which is why I do boxing camp, or DVDs. But if you think of it like that, it won't seem so crazy.
Austin: You're right.

Honestly, I see the physical stuff I do as playtime, pure and simple. Sometimes it's tough play, but it's still play. This morning I ran 7 miles with a girlfriend. We both started the run tired and it felt like the wind was in our faces no matter which way we ran. So it wasn't an easy run. But guess what? It's done. And we had a great time doing it, even when we were coming up Backside (for those who are local and know of this hill -- it's a killer!) and talking about how hard it was -- yeah, it was hard, but WE DID IT! And that feels fantastic!


Brit-Man said...

Well Creatine can cause wWater retention, but Water retention as a Fat Metaboliser. I'm not so sure.

Creatine is also a power increaser and a phiosphate converter, I don't see it as a recovery product at all in your case, nor something you need in recovery drinks at all, if it was in a protein powder with loads of other stuff, aimed at weightlifting guys or women with muscular ambitions, then fair enough, but don't forget the Water retention could be a problem, as you will be using Slow Twitch muscle fibres to run, so without that explosive power of Fast Twitch, like a Sprinter would use, the Water retention makes more of a problem.

You probably wouldn't get much off that little bit, but any you get could slow you down, as a normal Mono gives about 6-10lbs W R, when using regular 5g doses with a cycle off period.

So even if you were carrying 0.5lbs extra Water, you can't run distances like that at the same pace as normal, and automatically expect to do as well, as you might possibly find you are struggling near the end, though it might not be too much of an issue if you got any W R, and it was that low, which I doubt it would be much higher, if you got any at all, off a small dose like that.

So getting rid of that was a good choice, as what you have now will probably be cheaper I'd imagine, not having another ingredient you probably don't need in it like Creatine.

One possible recovery option to look into is Glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a similar thing to Palatinose, whereby Simple Sugar and Complex Carbs are combined, in a way that works like certain Plug-in air fresheners.

Some of those release smells, (often whiffy ones I find), at set intervals, and Glucommannan does that too, but giving you Complex Carb duration so it lasts, but simple release, so when you get a Carb release it works quickly like Simple Carbs, so you supposedly get the best of both worlds.

Little burts of fast processing Carb with digestion longevity of Complex.

Might be worth looking out for, or even as a possible booster while you run, it might be quite worthwhile.

Whatever happens, GOOD LUCK :-) :-).


Anonymous said...

Okay wait, you were talking while going up Backside??? I have been impressed by your dedication but if you're talking while running that as I call it "The Big Nasty" I am bowing down at your feet. Goodness Girl!! Also wanted to share I purchased my P90X and did my first workout with it today, loved it, now I need a chin up bar like yours. Stacy