Thursday, April 10, 2008

A most unusual day

Today I'm not exercising at all. Nothing. Nada. The last time I had a day like this was ... hmmmm ... well, I'm not really sure. With boxing camp Monday through Friday, and 1000 swings one day and a long run the other day of each weekend, it's been a while since I had a day off.

Today wasn't supposed to be a day of rest. I got up at 4:45 to find Tim already up, having gotten up at 3:00! He's been stressed out about work and just couldn't sleep. I started getting ready for boxing camp, when I had the thought, "I should stay and be with my husband." So I sat on the weight bench in the training room and kept him company while he did P90X Core Synergistics. (I would have joined him, but I pulled something deep in my core the other day and have taken a few days off from ab-intensive exercises.)

So then it was time to get the kids up and going for school. Then I trained a client who had some great news. She tried on some bikini bottoms from 2 years ago that she couldn't wear last year, and they fit and looked great! Needless to say, that's exciting news for me. As she put it, her "butt corners" are gone.

Next on today's agenda was a cell regeneration treatment. I have a friend who does this energy work (it's similar to Reiki, I'm told) and while I can't really tell you how light touch and breathing can heal things at a cellular level, I can tell you that my bicep tendon no longer hurts after 2 years of aching daily. Plus I'm told this treatment is highly effective for dealing with depression, which makes it hugely appealing to this girl. So I've been going for treatments for about 2 months now, and here's the thing -- after a treatment, you're supposed to take it easy for the rest of the day, or the energy change doesn't really take hold. Well, there goes my planned 10 mile run for the afternoon.

So here I am with "extra" time on my hands. These are a few things going on in my world:
  • The Spirituality of Being Enough. I'm going on a women's AA retreat this weekend. As you may know, I've been clean and sober for 21 years. But since I've had kids, I've rarely gone to meetings. Well, somehow I've hooked up with a really great group of women, and we're heading to a retreat. The title of the retreat is "The Spirituality of Being Enough" and it's being led by a Catholic nun who's in recovery. I am not usually a fan of big groups of women -- too silly, too emotional. But with how tough my kids have been, I can't WAIT to be away for the weekend!
  • Veg Tucker? Tucker's told me several times over the past few weeks that he respects me for being vegetarian. It's always been at really random times, and hearing that completely fills me up. Last night he told me he's "going veg." I told him that was great if it is what he wants. I also said that if he changes his mind, that's fine too.
  • Hawaii is a GO! I will respond to comments individually soon, and I so appreciate the vacation suggestions, but it looks like Hawaii is a "go". We're getting our money back for the flights we already paid for (through the credit card company), and the price for 4 tickets has dropped some, enough that Tim really wants to stay with Hawaii for vacation this year.
  • No sparring for me. Since starting boxing camp, I've toyed with the idea of actually getting in the ring and sparring. Last week I really gave it some though, and realized that the only reason I'd be sparring would be to brag about it (aka notches on the bedpost) and that is inconsistent with who I am and why I train in the first place. In fact, my plan at this point is to continue boxing camp through May and then go to Bikram yoga for the summer. (I live in a place where it gets over 100 degrees a lot, and I like to feel acclimated to the heat.) That way I won't have to get up so early while the kids are out of school. But I think I'll be back to boxing in the fall.
  • 1000 miles. Ten years ago, when I was 37 and my kids were 2 and 4, I set a goal of running 1000 miles. To do this, you need to run 20 miles a week on a consistent basis, and it's that consistency that can be challenging. Well, I've decided that a decade later, I'm shooting for the same goal. That's why on my blog sidebar I'm tracking average miles per week. Since I didn't decide on this goal until April, I've got some miles to make up. But that's ok -- goals are supposed to push you, right?
Probably no more writing till Monday. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Irene said...

If anyone can pull off 20 miles a week for a goal of 1000 miles it would be you! What an awesome goal!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend too!

Eileen said...

The retreat sounds like a good thing for you. I would like to do something like that. is it? I have watched the informercial many times while on the treadmill (I'm not sure if that is silly or crazy...but yes, I do it) and I will hop off, go to the website...then decide to wait awhile...

A day thinks you need at least one day off PER WEEK. And if you need two, take them. Might help you feel better in a whole lot of ways to not always push yourself so hard physically.

Have a great weekend!

Brit-Man said...

The main thing is Leslie, you do what needs to be done in any situation.

Sometimes if that means not giving to yourself like normal then sometimes that has to be the way it is.

It's about doing what you feel is best when you feel it needs to be done.

You're a great person, and deserve to be proud of who you are :-) :-).


Colette said...

I LOVE the fact that you stayed with hubby! You did the right thing, and having a day of rest should be done once a week anyway...after all, didn't God have a day of rest ;)

The retreat sounds great too.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this great weather!

KatieFeldmom said...

Have a great weekend!!!