Saturday, April 05, 2008

Weekend Update

  • Just finished my weekend 1000 swing workout. I felt low energy so I stayed with the 12kg bell, but at the end I did one 7-1/2 minute long set, combining 3 of my 2-1/2 minute (100 swing) sets. It was tough, but doable.
  • My kids are really mean to each other and I need to find a way to stay balanced when they're fighting. I think what is most discouraging is that when they're angry, they truly seem to hate each other. And when that's going on, I want to be a part of any family but this one.
  • Austin competed in the regional championships in Reno yesterday. He did not have a great meet, but took 5th place in pommel horse among the 30 boys from 4 states in his age group.
  • Tucker competed in a Tae Kwon Do tournament today (yes, we're tired!) and took 1st place in weapons and 2nd in his Songham 4 form.
  • Tomorrow's workout will be a long run.
  • We've canceled our Hawaii vacation. We had airfare with one of the airlines that went out of business. And as of Thursday, 4 tickets to Kauai were going to cost $4500. I think we can have a lot of fun here in California for quite a bit less, don't you? (Assuming I'm willing to do a whole family vacation.) :)
  • I'd LOVE to hear some suggestions of fun family vacations in California. All input is appreciated!


Colette said...

Boys will be boys, and at that moment, I'm sure they truely do hate each other...but in the next moment, they would be there for eachother in a heart beat ;) Don't worry, it's normal.

Did you not have tickets booked yet for Hawaii?? My mom had tickets booked and was able to get on a different airline for July 4th.

Family vacations here in Cali...great museums in San Jose, Lots of amuzment parks in the LA area, great museums in San Fran in the Golden Gate Park area, Yellowstone park...just to name a few ;)

Have a great weekend!

Irene said...

They don't really hate each other. My kids went through that stage, too. When things get tough they are there for each other.

California, the list is endless!!! Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, some of the resorts along the coast are very nice (and not as expensive as Hawaii), surfing, kayaking, Catalina Island, etc... Good luck!

Brit-Man said...

I'm sure things will work themselves out Leslie.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Anthony C said...

boys get like that. don't worry about. tehy are still brothers and that ride-or-die spirit doesn't leave over some teenage angst. it's all a part of it. its just hard to see for you b/c you are in hte middle as referee AND as mom so it hurts your heart. try not to let it.

as for vacations. i'm from TX and my only real CA experience was in San Francisco and I did a bunch of wierd, punk-rocker stuff like visit Gilman St in Berkley and check out a bunch of little bookstores and record shops SOOOO unless you have a very counter-cultural family.. I am no help there BUT Texas is awesome if you can't get excited about CA... :)

KatieFeldmom said...

San Diego would be awesome in the summer time and there is a ton of stuff to do, in addition to seeing Irene and running her route together!!!

We're going to Disneyland in June, but I bet you guys have already done that before.

Jen said...

That's such a bummer about Hawaii. We just taked to our cousin on the Big Island and he said that it's affecting the locals as well... it's a lot more difficult to get from island to island.

I live in Santa Barbara and have to say that we think it's the best place on Earth! Similar to Maui in our opinion. Great skateboard park right on the ocean near the pier, small but cool zoo, tons of hiking, kayaking, trips out to the Channel Islands, wine tasting for adults... hope that helps :)