Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Race Saturday

So my first official half marathon of the year is Saturday. It starts and finishes about a mile from where I grew up, and I think my dad's going to come see me at the finish line. Tim and the kids will be at the finish line too. My goal is a sub-2:00 half, and I think that's doable. Two years ago I ran a half in Folsom and finished in 1:47, but I was doing a lot more speedwork then, so I'm not shooting for anything that fast.

I ran 11 miles on Thursday, and then did 10 on Saturday. This week I'm doing 6 today and maybe 4 on Thursday and calling it good. Of course I'll still be doing boxing camp and kettlebell play on my "off" days, but I think my plan will have my legs fresh enough to do well. And if I don't meet my goal? Well, then that's information to use as I prepare for my next half!

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Irene said...

I'm looking forward to your race report!