Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Real craziness

This is Austin coming down from a flag hold. Yes, he can hold his body horizontally out to the side, which seems to defy all laws of gravity. Picture was taken outside of Big Spoon Yogurt over the weekend with a phone camera, hence the bad quality and the late capture of the action. But honestly, am I crazy or is my kid crazy??? I vote for the kid!

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Colette said...

Wow, when you decide to post you decide to post ;)

How cool is that picture! Talk about major upper body strength.

You have been working out BIG TIME!! I love how you explained it to Austin though.

I don't think 200mg of creatine will do much. A usual dose is 5 grams per day, and not only that, you would have swelling all over...mostly your belly and muscle areas...fingers, no. I think the kettlebell thing may be it since you are working your fingers bigtime when doing those.

Glad you got to sleep in. 7 is better than 5 ;)

Have a supe rest of the week my friend.