Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help, I can't stop eating!

Ok, remember that great "get back on track with eating" plan? Yeah, well it's not going so great. Combine insane desire for sweets (hormonally-driven to be sure, but still very real), yummy yummy cake at a birthday meeting last night (I got a corner piece! And then one more semi-smallish piece), with a little "I want what I want!" immaturity, and you have a recipe for indulgence. It's not like I'm eating non-stop, but I KNOW eating cleaner makes me feel better. When will I do it? Ummmmmm, that's kinda the mystery question.


Brit-Man said...

You'll do it soon enough, because you've actually identified it in the first place.

You're certainly not someone who's all talk, so don't sweat it okay.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Jen said...

My two cents: You eat clean most of the time so enjoy your life, including the cake.

Colette said...

Yes, eating clean makes your body feel better, but working out so hard like you do, maybe your body just needs a little yummy lovin' ;)

I can relate though. I've been munching on carbs big time. Not sweets, but things like croutons and cereal. Maybe it's the going back to school thing and the change that comes with that. I don't know, but unlike you, I don't work out as much as needed to burn off what I'm taking in (at least my body doesn't feel like it is).

Just don't get down on yourself. As long as you're working hard, you have nothing to feel guilty about ;)

Laurie said...

I know too that eating cleaner makes me feel better, and I do it more than I did, but I too wonder why then can't I do it all the time? You figure out the secret, you'll let us all in, right?