Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stinky workout smells

With 4 active people in the family, we have a LOT of stinky laundry. And a lot of stinky shoes. (Well, Tim's feet don't smell. I'm not kidding. It's so unfair!) To deal with the laundry I'm using Penguin Sport Wash, which is formulated for athletic clothes. It works. And for the shoes, I keep a bottle of Oust (citrus scent, of course!) in my closet, and give my running shoes a spray after every single workout. It seems to do the trick.

And finally, I could not live without Secret Clinical anti-perspirant. It's a product that lives up to its claims, and I love that!


Laurie said...

Between me and my long distance runner husband we too have lots of stinky clothes and we too use Penguin Sports Wash. I love it! We keep a seperate laundry basket just for workout clothes and do a Penguin wash and then hang out stuff everywhere to line dry since all think quick dry stuff isn't supposed to go in the dryer. I think I see some Oust in my closets future - waaaay to many running shoes in there. Stinky running shoes.

Brit-Man said...

Have a great day and best wishes :-) :-).


Colette said...

I love the idea of keeping Oust in the closet!

As far as bike riding goes, I like it sometimes, but only around the neighborhood, and I hate wearing a helmet, so I don't. I don't like sharing a road with cars and having my back against the traffic.
Man, if you slowed Tim down while on a bike, how fast does that guy run?!

As far as the kids go, maybe when they continue fighting, you can give them chores to do...since they must be so bored that they have to fight with each other. Or, without saying anything to the boys, take Tim and just leave the house for a few hours every time the boys start fighting. Just some thoughts ;)