Monday, August 25, 2008

New leaf, day 1

Moderate success. Had a great day of eating, and got TONS done, as I had no appointments or anything scheduled. Things got tough at 3:30 when I went out for a run. I wanted to do 7 or 8 miles and it was 95 degrees. Tough, but doable. But I didn't leave enough time to cool down properly OR have dinner before I needed to get to Back to School night at the high school. So with wet hair (guess that tells you what my priorities are -- given a choice between looking good or feeling good, I'll choose feeling good any time!) and a snack-ish few bites of food, I headed into THREE HOURS of open house. The time was well spent, but I was ravenous by the time it was over. Picked up a vegan burrito bowl at Chipotle and at it at 9:00 tonight. Maybe that's why it's midnight and I just can't sleep.

6:00 is going to feel VERY early in the morning! Night-night!

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Jennifer said...

I almost never end up with time to dry my hair...Have only missed half a workout in the last 13 months, though. :)