Sunday, August 24, 2008

New week, new leaf

Much of the week has been fueled by sugar, which does bad things to my energy, my mood, and my waist. The good news is that it all stops now!

This week my plan is as follows: on Monday and Tuesday I'll be having green smoothies for breakfast and lunch, supplemented with raw almonds and fresh veggies. Sugar will be verboten, except in the form of a small bowl of cereal in the evenings. That's the plan and I'll keep y'all posted. And I love that there are others who are feeling that it's time to rein in the impulsive children that can control our choices! Best wishes to us all!

The last two weeks I've run more miles than I've ever run. 47 last week. 44 this week. In the upcoming week I plan to run 25 miles, which at one time would have sounded like a crazy high number, but in this "I LOVE RUNNING!" state of mind, it may be tough to do. I need to cut back in order to have fresh legs for the Labor Day race.

In other sports notes, my older son started water polo this week. Tim's LOVING this, as water polo was his sport in high school, where he was an all conference goalie. And Tucker starts cross country running tomorrow. I'm hoping the temps will cool off a bit. Today at 3:30, which is when he starts practice, it was 95 degrees!

It feels great to be blogging again!


Brit-Man said...

That sounds like a lot of running, I was just curious if you were taking anything for it, like Chondritin, MSM, Hawthorne etc etc, incase of any Knee issues.

Anyway, take care and best wishes :-) :-).


KatieFeldmom said...

Oooo, I ditto Matt's question about any joint supplement .... just curious.

Here's to a great week!!!

Colette said...

Glad you're back to blogging too ;)

I didn't think about the joint thing, but I was wondering if you are getting enough calories in with all that running.

How do you do it ;)

It's nice that your boys are so into trying out different things, and that you let them and encourage them to do so. What a great set of parents those guys have!