Friday, August 01, 2008

Playlist notes

1. Dawn Raiding -- This song is prefect, since we start running just as the sun comes up!
2. Paradise -- Irene, my runner girl friend who's recovering from a broken hip, picked this song. I'll be running in her honor, hoping that somehow this helps to speed her recovery.
3. Shut Up and Let Me Go -- Heard this on XM20 recently -- super fun and great driving beat!
4. In the Ayer -- Also on XM20 -- makes me think of Tucker, since we've heard it a lot this week.
5. Jam for the Ladies -- Moby is COOL!
6. Missing my Baby -- my song for Tim. I really do miss him!
7. Running on Sunshine, Jesus Jackson -- somehow this didn't show up on the iTunes playlist, which is tragic, because it's one of my all-time favorite running songs. Sexy and fun!
8. Last Name -- Yeah, I used to be young and stupid.
9. Disturbia -- Tucker's pick for this half marathon. I told each of the kids that they could pick a song for me to run to.
10. Everybody Got Their Something -- Another all-time favorite. The lyrics are fantastic.
11. I Stay Away -- No playlist of mine is complete without some Alice in Chains. Love the rock juxtaposed with orchestra.
12. Shoot the Runner -- Joe on dailymile has this on his SF Half playlist. How can you NOT run when this is playing?
13. Family Reunion, Rhymz Suhreal -- also didn't show up on iTunes. Fabulous Christian band, great beat.
14. We're all to Blame -- Austin's pick for this race.
15. Ruby Blue -- Fun Latin beat.
16. Can You Feel It -- what can I say? At 47, I'm the definition of "Old School!"
17. Glorified G -- another dailymile find!
18. Leave Home -- great techno beat.
19. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) -- so much fun! Again, how can you not run when listening to this?!
20. Roam -- :)
21. Invincible -- My new favorite song. I'll probably be repeating this one several times.
22. Ruby Baby -- I've loved this ever since it first came out. Great harmonies.
23. In the Stone -- EWF will never grow old to me!
24. Kernkraft 400 -- When energy is waning...
25. Feeling Good -- Michael Buble -- YUM!
26. Black Hole Sun -- Loved this song forever
27. Bodhisattva -- I'm pretty sure I break land speed records when I run to this
29. Do I Do -- Oh Stevie!


Colette said...

Great playlist! Quite a few I don't know, but will check them out. Of course I know the one's on XM20 since that is a regular in our car and then you have Aerosmith in the mix too...drool ;)

Have a safe and fun run in the city! The weather will be perfect for running and just being there makes me jealous ;)

Stef said...

Hey Leslie!