Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A beautiful tribute to moms who run from Runner's Lounge

A salute to the running moms who make running a priority and have the discipline to plan and stick with their training even when real life doesn't cooperate. And also for the moms who don't. A salute to the running moms who opt to sleep in an extra 30 minutes after being up all night or skip their run to help with a last minute school project because they know right then something else is more important.Dscn2829

A salute to the running moms who have the strength to eat the right foods at the right times to make sure they have the fuel they need to power their running. And also the moms who rely on a PB & J sandwich as a prerun staple and left over mac n cheese for a little pick me up.

A salute to the moms who look great in spandex and sport tops - without a coverup - because they are runners. And also the moms who don't, but wear it anyway because running makes them feel good enough to wear running clothes in public.

A salute to the moms who dig down deep to run hard and competitively in their races and set the bar higher for all women. And also the moms who run their own race and race to finish just to show their kids it isn't always about winning - it is about finishing what you started.

A salute to the running moms that squeeze in a short run here and a long run there between errands, practices, work and kid crisises and don't miss a beat. And the moms who also squeeze them in and show up at work, at school, or at home red faced, sweaty, stinky but happy because they got their run in.

A salute to the moms who run so her favorite pair of $100+ designer heels Dscn2831 match the priceless look of great running legs. And also the moms whose only pairs of $100+ shoes are her favorite running shoes.

A salute to all running moms who could just as easily stop running because it would make life a little easier, but don't, because they know it makes them a better person. It keeps them healthy when their kids aren't. It keeps them sane when life is crazy. It keeps them out of their fat clothes. And, it gives them personal challenges that are uniquely their own.

A salute to all running moms, regardless of age, speed, ability, or goals who are proud to tell their family and friends they are a runner. We salute them because they are a role model for their daughters, sisters, and the next generation of running mothers.

For these running moms, we say thank you for being a runner.


KatieFeldmom said...

That was so awesome. Thank you for posting it.

Brit-Man said...

Keep doing what you're doing and best wishes

:-) :-).


AKA Alice said...

Why'd it take me so long to find your blog??? We've both been posting on Irene's blog for awhile and I finally followed your link, and what a great day for me to land here...I just LOVE this...thanks so much for sharing it.

Anne said...

Nicely said, Leslie. Running moms are indeed special people.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey, that was really cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Tim said...

Katie and Matt -- Thanks!

Tim said...

AKA Alice -- How fun for us to have found each other! Yeah, us running moms need all the props we can get. I'm glad you liked what Runner's Lounge had to say!

leslie said...

Oops -- I just posted some comments under Tim's account. Where it says "tim" it's really me -- sorry!

leslie said...

Anne -- You are so right!

leslie said...

Jo Lynn -- I'm glad you liked it!