Thursday, October 02, 2008

If I explode...'ll know it's because I was so filled with pre-period sugar (note to self: do NOT let kid make cookie dough, then put it into nice individual containers [RAW] in the garage fridge) and water that something had to give.

I'm off on a 10 mile run. Hoping to drop, oh, 10 or 20 pounds of excess fluff!

(20 minutes later) Julianne reminded me that I was planning on using today as a rest day. Plus I have a huge blister that's starting to heal and not running today would surely help. Ok, here's the compromise. Atom Ant suggested a workout months ago -- crud -- now I can't find it! Going from my sieve of a memory, here's what I think it was:

5 rounds
100 jump ropes
25 squats

Wish I could find it! Anyway, I think I'll just do a short intense workout today, then run medium tomorrow. Given the blister, the intensity of the last few days of running, and what I KNOW to be smart, it's the right thing to do. Thanks Julianne and Atom Ant!

(15 minutes later)
Did it! Time was 6:15. Felt kinda like one huge Tabata interval. Was pleased to see that I haven't lost the jump roping skills developed in 5 months of boxing camp earlier this year -- I didn't foot fault even once!

(1 hour later)
Ran 6 miles. I was warmed up and just felt like getting out there! Took it easy though with a 9:25 overall pace. I think it's finally fall here -- woo hoo!!!


Julianne said...

10 miles? Right now? Awesome! I'm sure you'll sweat off the pounds! (Well, you never know!)
I thought today was your off day from exercise?? (Just saw your email, actually!)

Colette said...

You are to funny!

I'm having the same issues over here ;)

Marcy said...

I love jumping rope! It's the best! :-)

ATOM ANT said...

Make that workout

5 rounds:
100 jump ropes
50 squats

Anonymous said...

YOU are just TOO much girlie!

Sandy Sommer said...

Very nice work Leslie:)