Thursday, October 16, 2008

A food ultimatum for myself

On Monday I wrote about needing to rethink my eating. I still really like being vegetarian -- the idea of eating animals don't sit well for me (eating body parts or ground flesh -- no think you!), nor does it make sense to drink milk (that's for baby cows, not for me!). I eat very limited amounts of cheese and eggs. That all sounds good, right? Well, I've slipped back into my lazy processed food ways, so although I'm not eating animals, the way I'm eating is anything but healthy.

I continue to try to eat a whole foods based diet. I read everything Tracy Reifkind writes and agree with her views. But I've been unwilling to put them into practice thus far.

So I started to think about what kind of leverage I can use on myself. Like what kind of deal can I make that will spur me into action. Because living like I do now:

Breakfast: handful of almonds, vegan protein bar, Diet Pepsi
Snack: some peanut butter?
Lunch: baby carrots and hummus, another protein bar
Snack: Frosted Mini Wheats and soy milk
Dinner: Salad? Frozen burrito? Whatever.
Post-dinner: Protein bar, or cereal again, maybe some Doritos or Sun Chips, anything chocolate

See much balance here? I sure don't!

So here's what I've come up with. I need to start eating real food. A lot more fruits and veggies. Just a better diet all together. And if I don't? I have to go back to eating meat.

So today I've had:

Breakfast: almonds, vegan protein bar (old habits die hard!)
Snack: Green smoothie (I've missed these!)
Lunch: Falafel wrap from U-Food
Snack: pumpkin apple muffin

Ok, so it's not the best, but it's better than before, don't you think? And my deal with myself has me thinking about my food choices, because I'd rather be a healthy carnivore than a processed/chemical-ed vegetarian. And I think that may be enough leverage to keep me moving towards better food choices, don't you?


Colette said...

I hear you loud and clear. I want to do the right thing too when it comes to animal foods. I have decided now though that I will be aware of where my food is coming from. After watching this weeks Oprah show (about prop 2 in Calif.) I realize that I don't have to NOT eat meat, just not be part of the lot feed mass production of animals problem. I will eat from free range, cage free products only and with no hormones (which only are given to mass market animals anyway).

Good luck with your plan, and you will find your balance, no matter what it may be ;)

Jennifer said...

First, thanks so much for your recent kind wishes. :)
Second, I wanted to confirm your thought process here. You most definitely should prefer healthy carnivore to chemical-laden vegetarian. Keep up the good work!

Brit-Man said...

I'm sure you'll get the diet sorted, but of course you will have to get it into practice soon, because with your running activities, you need a lot more calories than normal, as you probably knew long before now anyway.

Take care and bets wishes.

:-) :-).


ATOM ANT said...

Boy I'm glad you're not my mom.
Gimme candy, cake, ice cream and meat.

We cavemen love Dino Ribs.

leslie said...

Colette -- Thanks. Aren't you happy Prop 2 passed?!?!

leslie said...

Jennifer -- You are so right, my friend!

leslie said...

Matt -- Getting the calories is NOT a problem for me -- I have a freakish love of all things sugary. Getting healthful calories is more of my challenge, you know?

leslie said...

Atom -- My kids are NOT lacking in junky processed yummy choices. In fact, I just made them Snickerdoodles and let them eat as much cookie dough as they wanted! :)