Thursday, October 09, 2008

How my family views my running

Reactions in my immediate family are varied and as unique as the individuals I share this home with.

Austin (age 15, oldest son) does not hesitate to tell me that I'm insane. Truly nuts. Can't imagine why I'd want to run at all ever. When I tell him about long runs, he uses this as evidence to back his theory of my insanity. My reaction to this? I laugh. It's par for the course with a smart, sarcastic teen in the house.

Tucker (age 12, youngest son) is the exact opposite. He delights in my miles. He tells me I'm his "crazy running mommy!" (but he says this as he's giving me a huge hug) and that he's so proud of me. When I told him I ran 6 miles yesterday, he said, "That's NOTHING for you!" Tucker's encouragement feels absolutely wonderful!

A funny aside here -- Tucker tried cross country for one day when school started. He came home and exclaimed, "All they do is run!" Ummm, yeah Tuck. That's what they DO in cross country!

Tim (age 44, best husband) says he is "crazy proud" of me and that feels fabulous! He ran 3 marathons in his late 20s and early 30s and doesn't want to train that hard again (it messes with his golf game!), but is really excited that I'm training for my first marathon. I don't think I'd even be signed up for the marathon if it wasn't for his offhand comment a few weeks ago where he said I could run a marathon if I wanted to. Thanks so much, Tim!

All I know is that regardless of their views on running, every one of my guys will be busy on the morning of December 7th as I run my very first marathon. And yes, Austin, you DO have to get up early even though I know it's your least favorite thing in the world to do!


P.O.M. said...

Having encouragment at home is the best, even though they think we're crazy. I swear my boyfriend loves me a little more on marathon day.

*aron* said...

gotta love supportive families!

i hope we get to meet up at CIM!!

Erik said...

This is such a good idea. I must steal this idea one day. I have a 14 and 12 year old and they feel just about the same. Must be an age thing.

It's so great to have all that support.

Good write.


Julianne said...

How cute is Tucker?? And Austin's reaction is classic and somewhat appropriate. Because you are insane to be running those miles. Of course, Tim is super for being so supportive. You are so blessed to be surrounded by such a great family! ;-)

Brit-Man said...

Glad things are pretty good with you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-)


Colette said...

I think it is wonderful how your family is. Austin is just at an age are insane...your mom ;) I think he's just trying to find himself and also trying to cut the cord the best he can. Just keep letting him know you're there for him, and some time soon he will be wanting his "mommy" again.

With a family like yours, you will accomplish anything you want. I'm so happy for you ;)

Anne said...

I think Austin deep down thinks like his dad and little brother. It can be hard to admit someone has a cool mom when you're 15.