Tuesday, October 07, 2008

God stuff

In my world view, it's all God stuff. But I wanted to bring to your attention two specific God-inspired things you might want to check out:

1. Fireproof. Tim and I saw this movie on Friday and it's wonderful. It is a Christian movie, which means they're going to talk about God, and I'd give it a B+ in terms of acting. But it's a wonderful movie about marriage and it somehow manages to be encouraging, instructional, and laugh-out-loud funny all at the same time. I came away with some fresh ideas on keeping my marriage strong. For those who are struggling, I'd highly recommend it. Don't know how long it will be in theaters, but it's worth checking out.

2. The Shack. Our pastor recommended this and after Tim read it and loved it, I decided to give it a go. I am a Christian, but one with lots of questions. This book helped answer quite a few questions I'd had, and helped me to get a fresh perspective on God. Highly recommended!

Note to Jo Lynn -- I don't know how to get in touch with you directly, but we go to Bayside in Granite Bay, which IS affiliated with the one in Lincoln. I don't know your brother (darn it!) but I'm encouraged to know there are ultra runners like you (and maybe me someday?) in the Christian world! If you want to email me, I'm lgandy at starstream dot net.


Julianne said...

Oh, both of those look like good resources for me. I haven't gone to church regularly in a while... I blame it on the training runs, races or my black sliding. But, looking for a home church in my area right now. Thanks for sharing these with us. Seriously, I appreciate it!!

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks Leslie, for your response. As you will discover, running for hours by yourself takes a lot of inner strength. God and I have many discussions on my training runs.
~Jo Lynn

Julianne said...

What a bummer, Fireproof is not available in my area. They are organizing something for San Jose, though. And funny enough, it's being organized by my old church in Los Gatos!!

Colette said...

I'll have to read that book. Like you, I have questions too.

Anonymous said...

I am reading "The Shack" right now.