Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bodyrock TV and what I eat

I love Bodyrock TV! Workouts are tough but accessible. Zuzana and Freddy seem like really nice people and I have tremendous respect for how she's changed her life.

Today they posted a diet challenge. The challenge is to eat more superfoods. I kind of have an issue with labeling something as a superfood, but the truth is that my diet could use some cleaning up. I get away with a lot of indulgence because I'm consistently active. But I feel better about myself when I'm a little leaner than I am now. (I am a medium sized person. 5'5" tall. 142 pounds.)

Ok, so here's what I've eaten today:

Diet Mountain Dew
small handful of raw almonds
1 Clif gel (100 calories)

Ran 4 miles.
Did 60 minute Dailey Method class.

piece of coffee cake from Barnes and Noble (calories listed as 450)

vegetarian burrito
fresh salsa
small green smoothie
Diet Mountain Dew

small piece of cheddar cheese
3 milk chocolate Milano cookies

I ate the orange because of the Bodyrock diet challenge. Otherwise I might have gone for some tortilla chips instead. :)

It's tiresome to log food to me. But a few days of tracking might be in order as I seek to truly nourish my body. And I've been struggling with more depression recently, which is a chicken and an egg scenario, as when I'm depressed I eat more sugary treats, which leads to lower moods, which leads to ... and so on. Accountability, whether publicly here or in the form of pen and paper, could really help. It certainly can't hurt, right?


Colette said...

I hear you! I get so tired of writing everything down that I eat, but like you, I am now 143 lbs and feel heavy! Not heavy as in fat, but heavy as in not being able to move my body the way I did when i weighed 130. I want to feel that way again, and I know that logging food is the way to keep accountable. Maybe between the two of us, we can do this :)

Anonymous said...

Funny. The links are blocked from my work computer -- says the reason is PROVOCATIVE ATTIRE! What is this about??? Do they exercise in the buff???

leslie said...

Anon, No they don't exercise in the buff but if any site should be flagged for provocative attire, this is the one. I LOVE Zuzana and her and Freddy's workouts. They do a great job. Just check it out from home and let me know what you think.

Sondra Rose said...

Come check out the great lifestyle/diet ideas at Lots of us on the forum love Zuzana's workouts, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm floored at your food diary. You eat so little, but half of it is JUNK! The less you eat, the more you should focus on high nutrient density foods. Trust me, you will feel better in the long run, and your body will run more efficiently. You also are not eating enough, so if your weight isn't moving your body is probably in 'starvation mode' where it will hold on to fat and devour muscle for energy instead!

leslie said...

Anonymous -- You are right. And once again I'm upping the quality of food I eat, starting this week. "Anchoro Impario" (don't know if that's spelled right) is attributed to Michaelangelo and means "I am still learning." Somehow this give me hope. :)