Sunday, February 06, 2011

Girls on the Run, puppies, and handstands and burpees

My friend Julia and I are coaching Girls on the Run and it starts tomorrow. I can't wait! We get to be with a group of 3rd to 5th grade girls for 12 weeks as we learn about respect for yourself and others, and train to run a 5K race!

Nerves are common when you're trying something new, right? I tend to see what could go wrong rather than what could go right and that tendency is something I've become aware of -- painfully aware of! For example, in 2 weeks we are getting a puppy. That should have an exclamation point, right? But boy can I tell you everything that's going to be tough about having a puppy. Mindfulness is what helps me to focus on the good stuff about puppies (they're fun, funny, warm, round, snugly, adorable) rather than the bad stuff (which I will not expand on here).

On a final unrelated note, I'm working (again) on handstands and burpees by doing 1 minute of handstands and 10 burpees per day. The handstands are practiced in my hallway, a la Nina Nina Nina's video:

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Colette said...

I think the girls on the run thing sounds like a ton of fun and what a gift you are giving to these lucky young girls!

The puppy thing...if you're not ready, then why get one at this time? They do take a whole lot of work, like a new baby. Maybe you are not as thrilled because you do not want that on your hands at this do have so much on your plate as it is.

I love the video of learning how to do a hand stand, and I love that you are trying it out again. I know you can do this!