Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doing it different

Quickest note here. The pull to say "I have a puppy so I can't do anything" is strong. But I'm learning.

Today's missions:
Hair appt (2 hours)
Train 2 clients
Do paperwork for parents' income taxes

Take dad to grocery store
Make quilt square for group baby shower quilt

It doesn't look like much on paper. Maybe I'm just making it bigger in my head than it needs to be. Of course, what's not stated is these puppy jobs:

Take puppy outside
Watch puppy at every moment
Stop puppy from chewing on couch
Take puppy outside
Stop puppy from chewing on carpet
Stop puppy from chewing on chairs
Take puppy outside
Take puppy outside
Stop puppy from chewing on cabinets
Feed puppy
Take puppy outside

No wonder I'm tired!


Colette said...

Well, with the puppy thing you knew what you were getting into and you also know it's a temp thing (thank goodness). Even though your list looks small, there are some stressful moments involved and that is what may be making it "feel" bigger. Hang in there my friend :)

Anonymous said...

It's like having a baby all over again! Burp baby. Feed baby. Change baby's diaper. Except at least a baby will most likely take a nap! Not sure puppies do that. Good luck!

Brit-Man said...

I'm sure you'll eventually get things figured out :-p :-p.

Take care and best wishes.