Monday, February 07, 2011


Ok, so I just realized I've kept a weblog since 2005. That's almost 6 years of writing!!! Over the last year my writing has been sporadic at best and filled with depression and frustration, which have been my two prevailing moods. Well, there's been a little bit of hope thrown in, but not much.

Well it's time to go back to what works. And if I've kept a blog since 2005, I'm thinking writing is something that works for me, right?

I'm spending the afternoon reviewing my parts for Girls on the Run and doing the Bodyrock "Get Up and Step Up" workout.


leslie said...

Completed workout. 81 reps using 4 blue boxes, which is probably a little higher than chair seat height.

Colette said...

I think blogging is perfect for you! Just let what ever you are feeling go and not worry about what others may think. this should be your safe place and if you are wanting to write about workouts, your family, your hopes and dreams, your sad days and happy days, so be it! I hope you continue to write, because you always have great things to write about and I always enjoy reading :)

Michael B said...

hey looking forward to your return to the blog. yay!