Monday, February 28, 2011

Hopelessly in love

This is Buster.

He is curious, energetic, lovable, and brings a delightful energy to our home.

We have an area of the back yard fenced off where he can do his business, and in that area I have a decorative wood pig. I think it's his favorite dog toy.

We are hopelessly in love with our little boy!


Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!!

Brit-Man said...

The Dog appears to be doing something to the Pig, then the Dog appears to be happy and the Pig is asleep.

You've got some kind of South Park Dog there I think :-p :-p.

He "definitely" has some kind of character, that's for sure.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Colette said...

LMAO I was thinking the same thing that Matt wrote down!!

he's a cutie and glad you are enjoying him :)

leslie said...

You folks crack me up!!!