Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Having a plan

Does everyone have a set plan of what they're going to do when they exercise? I don't. Rather, I have loosely defined targets I try to hit each week. I try to run about 20 miles and do 3 - 4 Dailey Method classes per week. Handstand practice is nearly daily, as is my 10 burpee thing.

So I'm thinking about getting more scheduled about my workouts. Tim does this. He'll put for each day the category of movement he's going to do (cardio, weights, yoga) and then decide on the amount of time and methodology on that day. It works for him.


Michelle said...

You have a plan! It's not as defined as Tim's, but it IS a plan! Are you looking to be more disciplined or do you like the way you go with the flow? Either way, you continue to be a motivation to many. I am one of your biggest fans!

Colette said...

Michelle said it all best, so i'll just say that if you are happy with what you are doing, why feel the need to change it? You already do way more than others do, and you're at least working out every day and pretty much know what you want to do that day. I think some people need the schedule and others don't. Me, I have to use a schedule or I don't do anything. I am not as good as you with that part of it :)

Brit-Man said...

I do the same thing every time.

I do it because to me it isn't boring and it's a lot easier than trying ot thikn something new up eevry once in a while.

I used to do that and it would take sometimes upto an hour or more to work a new schedule out, with approximate weight levels, then get in the gym and start trying to work it all out again from bits of paper.

Sometimes the bits of paper would accidentally end up in the wash, then you get some sweats with shredded paper in the pocket. Urgh.

Now I just get in there and do it and go, no having to faff about, getting my head around things.

I say if it aint broke don't fix it.

Jennifer said...

For me, having a plan, both for the day and for the week, and for the next few weeks, helps me to progress. I stagnate otherwise.