Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As time goes on, my body is less tolerant of extra calories. And I had a few in Hawaii, for sure. Our last night there, in fact, we had a buffet dinner where I had 3 pieces of cake (I do love cake, you know!).

The sad truth is the calories found their way back to California with me, so I'm now in the process of defluffing. So I'm vigilantly watching my food intake, and increasing workout intensity. In fact, yesterday I ran twice. In the morning I did 4 miles, and would have gone longer, but the kids were home and it just didn't work out. So last night I did an additional 5 while they were at gymnastics.

Speaking of running, I've found two great sources of running music. Initially I found DJ Steve on iTunes under podcasts. His podrunner mixes are really good -- no recognizable songs, but a steady beat for over an hour. Then I checked his website:, and downloaded some other running mixes. So far I sure like what I've heard.


Eileen said...

Working on defluffing's a lifelong thing!

Eileen said...

Hey...I wanna see renovation pictures!!! Get busy......